We believe that fitness should be accessible to everyone. The CrossFit Methodology fits that belief: all the workouts we do can be modified so that people of all ages and fitness levels can complete them, and complete them with an intended intensity that cultivates lean muscle growth, fat loss, and cardio-vascular health.

CrossFit draws from a variety of training schools: Olympic weightlifting, power lifting, gymnastics, strongman, and plyometrics. We run, jump, throw, push, pull and squat. We use the functional, organic movement patterns that all bodies were meant to move through, and we train to make ourselves better versions of who we want to be.

We train marathoners, iron man triathletes, national level weightlifters. We train athletes who also play baseball, soccer, football, rugby, lacrosse, field hockey, softball. We train athletes who swim, run, and cycle competitively. We train the everyday person who wants to move and sweat and feel better about themselves.

Whatever your fitness goal is — lose weight? gain muscle? Reduce your A1C? Improve your heart health? Increase your longevity? Improve cardio-vascular endurance? — CrossFit York has a success story that looks like your goals. Let us help you get there.