CrossFit York

Since 2008, CrossFit York has served the greater York County community, bringing this high-intensity and highly effective workout to all walks of life. We have trained young athletes to octogenarians and every age in between. We have members who come to lose weight, to train for triathlons, to maintain and sustain their current fitness, and who would like to move from the couch-to-a-5K.

The secret to CrossFit’s particularly effective workouts is the weighted compound movements that are built nearly into every workout. While burning calories and improving cardio-vascular endurance is an excellent method for losing weight, the benefits of weightlifting compound the effectiveness of any cardio-vascular workout AND provide the mechanism for you to maintain any weight goal. Moving weight — however light or minimal — has been proven to increase lean muscle mass, which in turn burns calories at a higher rate. In addition, weightlifting increases bone density, and, if done properly, can increase flexibility, balance, coordination, and power output.

Our coaching staff is certified, experienced, and patient. No matter where you begin your fitness journey, we are prepared to meet you and guide you with encouragement and ongoing education so that your progress is steady and sustainable.


Basic Training