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Beginning your journey to a faster, stronger, leaner you is as easy as walking into CrossFit York and taking a free introductory class. We offer introductory classes throughout the week: Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at 600am; Tuesday and Thursday at 700am, and Monday through Friday at 630pm*. 
No reservations are required. No preparation or fitness level is necessary.
Our community is made of people from diverse athletic backgrounds of all ages and of all fitness levels.

All our members begin with a 30-day introductory package, which includes 6 introductory classes. In these small-group instructional sessions, you’ll learn to perform the basic movements we use in our everyday WODs (workout of the day). Additionally, you’ll learn not only how CrossFit works but also why. Our coaches are committed to helping you understand how and why our methods are the most effective in helping you achieve your fitness goals.

Once the introductory sessions are complete, you will be welcome to attend an unlimited number of regular sessions for the balance of your 30-day introduction package. Following the completion of your 30-day introduction, you can choose the membership package that is best for you.

Printable Membership Form (includes Membership Packages and Rates)

CrossFit York Waiver

*Additional hours for introductory sessions can be accommodated. Contact Rusty at 443.538.1147 to set up an appointment.

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