Dillon Nguyen at the WRBB Open

Welcome Dillon Nguyen!


CrossFit York is excited to welcome Dillon Nguyen as an intern for the spring 2018 semester. Dillon is a senior exercise science major at Shippensburg University. He has his CF-L1 and is a competitive weightlifter (he won gold in his weight class at the White Rose Open this past October). We are excited to bring him on for the spring to run sessions, to participate in programming, and to learn behind-the-scenes gym operations. Please give him a warm CFY welcome!

UPcoming schedule changes

Beginning on Monday, January 29, we’ll be combining the 5-6am class on MWF into one 530am class. The 7am class on MWF will remain for the time being. Please make sure you CHECK ZEN PLANNER and reserve your spot for any classes, but especially any morning session.

Social media contest

We are at 1,994 likes on FaceBook! Please keep checking in and posting the #crossfityork hashtag to be eligible for a free one-month membership! A winner will be drawn and announced on next week’s weekly update.

Endurance class to stay

There have been some questions about the 830am Endurance class: it’s here to stay. You don’t have to be training for a triathlon or an adventure race to participate! However, next week (January 27) you WILL NEED A BICYCLE.  :) Actually, if you don’t have a bike, we always have the Assault Bike and the rowers as modifications. The point is–all are welcome.

Crossfit open registration

The CrossFit Open is ONE MONTH AWAY. The first announcement for the first WOD will be on February 22! Don’t know what the Open is? Not sure if you should register? Check this quick video for an official explanation–but ask a coach, ask a veteran CrossFit York member, ask ANYONE who’s ever competed in the Open and they’ll tell you: it’s the most fun, and the hardest set of workouts, you’ll ever experience. At CrossFit York we encourage our athletes to compete in the Open if they like, and we will hold Open workouts as the Friday WODs during Open season. In addition, all our coaches (as well as some of our seasoned members) work to earn their Judges’ Certificate so that all our athletes have a certified score for every WOD.

Oh, yeah! Programming for the week is up!