Snatch Clinic with USAW Lead Instructor and National Level Coach

USA Weightlifting Clinic

11am – 1pm Saturday, January 26 at CrossFit York

Cost: Non-members $25 (free to current members)

Looking for a way to level-up your daily workout?

The snatch is a tricky lift: it requires athletes to generate large amounts of power at high velocities.

What makes it tricky, however, is also what makes it a super effective movement for a full-body workout — as long as you’re moving correctly.

It can be a lift that you can train for years, and still require additional skill and technique to work the lift efficiently.

However, with this 2-hour seminar with USAW Lead Instructor and National Level Coach Rusty Mirasol, you can learn the fundamental building blocks for this lift and be able to begin practicing any where you access bumper plates and a barbell.

To sign up, contact Madeline (; 717.668.3017)