Get Your Meal Prep On… Without Stepping Foot in the Kitchen


CrossFit York is thrilled to partner with Clean Plate Nutrition, a local service that will MEAL PREP FOR YOU. The owner and chef, Heidi Kern, is a fellow CrossFitter who understands the value of having clean meals ready-to-go when you are busy!

These meals offer balanced macros, several different options for lifestyle/food preferences, and are tasty. Rusty and Madeline have happily eaten a variety of her meals, and while we have our favorites (Rusty loves the beef stir fry; Madeline is partial to the salmon), they all will nourish you … and all you have to do is throw it into the microwave to have a healthy meal.

Use these codes at checkout to get free local gym delivery: your meals will be delivered to the gym on Saturday or Sunday mornings.

Crossfit York 2018: use this code at checkout if you are purchasing a bundle or subscription.

Crossfit York: use this code at checkout if you are purchasing individually-selected meals.

Order directly from Clean Plate York to get your first meals delivered straight to the box!