Flash Fit

CrossFit York welcomes Flash Fit, a new program that uses similar training modalities to CrossFit (time, intensity, load), but does so in a 30-minute speed session.

These highly-structured, efficient sessions will include a coach-led warm-up, movement demonstration, and a timed workout with weighted and body weight movements. Prepare to get your heart rate up and to experience some productive muscle fatigue! If you’re looking to get lean, get a super-super-quick workout in, or add some weight training to your regular exercise routine, this session is MADE for you.

Flash Fit is also perfect for people who are interested in CrossFit but would like to ease into the high-intensity and high-skill environment of regular CrossFit workouts.

Session times: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 700a, and 730pm.

Cost: $65 per month for unlimited sessions — no contract! 

Come in for your first session to sign up.