Guess what’s about to go down? No, it’s not Chick-Fil-a’s new macaroni and cheese. The CrossFit Open is coming up, and it’s the ultimate opportunity for everyone to test their fitness levels and to ratchet up their training. And it’s fun. The CrossFit Open begins on October 10th, which means we have some time to dial-in our fueling to ensure our very best performance and recovery.

Therefore, our “Eat to Compete” 6-week program will begin on Sunday, September 1st, with a kick-off meeting and demonstration held at the community room at Leg Up Market from noon to 2pm.

You do NOT have to attend the kick-off meeting to participate, but if you have not been a part of one of our nutrition challenges before, we highly suggest you come hang out.

At the kick-off meeting, we’ll be assigning teams for the program, outlining the rules and protocols for the different fueling options you’ll have for the 6-week program, and offering an on-site meal prep demonstration so you are set with the knowledge and skills for success during the weeks leading up to the Open.

To participate in the Eat to Compete Program, fill out the following form. We’ll get back to you shortly about the details!