Check all that apply:

  • Sometimes I need extra motivation to come to the gym
  • I would like to level up my training
  • Some days I feel tired and sluggish
  • I feel like I have stalled out on making strength gains in the gym
  • I feel like I have stalled out on making body composition changes
  • I need a little help in making better nutrition choices
  • I need A LOT of help in making better nutrition choices
  • I would like to learn how to meal plan and prep
  • I would like to dial in my macronutrients to better serve my workouts and recovery
  • I thrive in an environment where I am accountable to others
  • I love contests and I love prizes
  • I love team competitions
  • I’m looking for something new to reinvigorate my commitment to a healthy lifestyle

If you checked ANY of those items, you won’t want to miss our CTRL + ALT + DELETE Lifestyle Challenge. 

CTRL: Make your nutrition work for YOU, to best fuel your workouts in the gym and optimize sleep quality and recovery. YOU get to decide what level of control you’ll take: Intuitive Fueling or Calculated Fueling.

ALT: Identify specific habitual roadblocks to your progress and construct alternative habits. Such roadblocks include sleep cycles, water intake, alcohol consumption.

DELETE: Think about this as a hard re-boot. Assess your daily routines for things that thwart positivity and undermine your overall success. Use the lifestyle challenge to experiment with deleting those components or aspects of your life–temporarily–to understand their overall impact and see what happens when you eliminate them.

CTRL+ALT+DELETE BEGINS Sunday, September 16 and will run for 8 weeks. Meetings will be held at 11:00am at the gym. Attendance at the meetings is not necessary to participate!! TO SIGN UP: Fill out the form below, and we’ll invoice you for $25.