Coach Profile: Courtney Mortorff


Courtney on the ringsA few announcements and reminders for the upcoming week/s!!

On Monday, November 20 at 730pm we’re hosting a BRIEF seminar on Staying FIT and HAPPY Over the Holidays.

We are only open for 10am Holiday Hero WODs on Thursday and Friday this week. Regular schedule Saturday and Sunday.

On December 2, 2017, many of the CFY Endurance athletes will be running the YWCA Frosty Fun Run 5k in Dallastown. :) Details and registration can be found at

On Saturday, December 16, we’ll host our CFY Holiday Potluck after the 10am WOD. Look for event details on Facebook and around the gym!!

We’re running a Nutrition Course after the new year!! Check with Madeline for details!

Meet our Courtney!!

Courtney has been coaching since 2015. She has both her CF-L1 and USAW Sports Performance Coach certifications.

Courtney originally heard about CrossFit because she had started running “as a form of stress relief and a way to get back into fitness” and her friend mentioned participating in a Tough Mudder. When looking for ways to train for the race, she found videos of people doing muscle ups and rope climbs.

Courtney’s first CrossFit workout had kettle bell swings, double unders, and running. She remembers, While I found CrossFit through a random Internet search, the atmosphere, the people and of course the potential to become super strong and jacked is what got me hooked.” 

Since becoming a coach Courtney said, “One of the most rewarding experiences as a coach for me is when an athlete is able to improve a movement or gain confidence in their abilities based on the feedback I provided. Watching athletes succeed at something they didn’t think they could do has taught me how we are often our own worst enemy and sometimes our successes are only limited by our ability to have confidence in ourselves.”

Throughout her CrossFit career, Courtney has changed her relationship with food. She said, “Rather than simply eating for pleasure I try to focus on how food affects my performance in the gym.” She also goes to bed a lot earlier on the weekends to she can make it to the weekend WOD’s.

Her favorite part of CrossFit besides the friendships she’s formed “is the constantly varied aspect of the sport” and her favorite movement is heavy thursters.

Courtney’s love for CrossFit shines through in both her coaching and her work out ability. Catch Courtney constantly pushing herself coaching and working out during the week and on the weekends!

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