Class Descriptions

WOD: Workout of the Day. 60-90 minutes. Group workout programmed to follow the CrossFit methods of constantly varied, functional movements. Includes a warm-up, skill/strength work, the workout, and focused mobility work. Open to all current members.

The daily WOD includes 3 levels, making the class adaptable to all athlete abilities and goals:

Weightlifting (WL): 90 minutes. 830am Sunday mornings.  Programming includes both Olympic and  Power lifting programs. Depending on your focus, this session will increase your proficiency in the clean and jerk and snatch through individual instruction, or will allow you to focus on slow lift gains (back squat, presses, deadlift).

Endurance: 90 minutes. 830am Saturday mornings. Includes CrossFit-style strength and conditioning as well as extended monostructural training (running, rowing, biking, swimming).

Flash Fit: 30 minutes. 7am and 730pm Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. 10 minute warm up and 20 minutes of loaded cardio that includes dumbbells, kettlebells, easy gymnastics and body weight movements. Open to CrossFit York members and can be purchased as a separate membership ($65).

OPEN GYM:  Varies. 430pm-730pm Monday-Friday and 830-10am Sundays. Eligible athletes will have a minimum 6 months of membership OR have approval from the coaching staff based on ability to demonstrate proficiency in barbell and gymnastic movements. Regular sessions will have priority over equipment and space. Notify coach on duty to let them know your plans for equipment and time (you must have one)–coach will approve and may modify for safety purposes, as there will be no direct supervision. 

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