This Week’s Open Athletes: The Fullams! 14.2


joefullampushpressThe coaches couldn’t pick just one athlete to represent the spirit of 14.2… this week we had three athletes that knocked our socks off. And coincidentally, they all come from the same family. Clearly, the Fullam family has positivity and motivation in their genes.



Joe Fullam legitimately rocked this workout. From his unbroken overhead squats (which he has worked extraordinarily hard to overcome flexibility issues in order to improve) to his unconventional chin-up grip on the chest-to-bar pull-ups, Joe managed to post a respectable score that rivaled younger athletes’.tonywarmsup2



Tyler, who is officially our youngest open competitor, came into the box early on Sunday morning — a feat in and of itself for this 17-year-old — to complete 14.2. As an avid lifter who participates regularly in the EVO classes, Tyler’s work on the Olympic lifts has clearly paid off.



jackiesetupAnd then there’s Jackie. Jackie did 14.2 on Saturday morning with the masses, her first score just falling short of one full round. Dissatisfied with her performance, Jackie came back the next day to nearly DOUBLE her first score. Talk about a come back!



So when you see a Fullam in the box, it doesn’t matter which, give him or her a high five. They’re full of Fullam awesomeness.