This Week’s Open Athlete: Kelly Bolt! 14.4


kellysnatch With each Open announcement, there is glee and groans… Glee for those movements we like or do well; groans for movements that are punishing (though they are all, really) or are challenging… and groans for movements that some of us still have not mastered.

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 2.47.39 PM

Enter Kelly. She posted this status update to Facebook the morning before she came into the box to complete the WOD, and there clearly was a bit of prescience there. It turns out, last Saturday WAS her day. As her judge and her husband, Jeremy, stood next to the rig and offered encouragement and strategies, she managed to kick the crap out of that bar 4 times (and nearly hit it on a dozen other occasions). Her perseverance deserves to be commended — but her spirit and enthusiasm are really what make her this week’s Open Athlete. While she can be counted on to always have a smile on her face, Kelly’s smile this week was in the face of a significant challenge — a challenge that she conquered. And you can bet that her smile helped carry her toes right up to that bar.