This Week’s Open Athlete: Angie Warnke! 14.3


Who was excited for deadlifts and box jumps! Well, some of us welcomed the movements as ones we all can, with relative ease and skill, perform. Yet an overwhelming number of us groaned at the prospect of walking around for week, post 14.3, with a therma-care patch on our lower backs. And those of us judging just prayed that none of us would have to watch someone deadlift like Stacie Tovar did.



Angie’s earned this week’s Open Athlete in part because she did all her deadlifts with the most beautiful, flattest back any coach could hope to witness. With each lift, even as it became heavy, she re-set her organized brace and drove into the ground using her hamstrings and glutes. Additionally, her box jumps were steady and powerful. Really, if you know Angie you know she’s a hard working athlete. Her performance this week simply reflects that.