The Healthy Addiction Newsletter: July 28, 2014

Plyo: What’s Going On Right Now?

You may have noticed a slight change in the landscape of the gym… Stick N Move Boxing has moved to another location on Market Street. With our 530 session running 3 different classes, the space had gotten a little cramped! Look forward to the new open space being used for kids’ classes, strongman work, and our self-defense class.


Remember we have strongman classes on Monday nights at 730, and self-defense classes Wednesday nights at 730. Both have proven to be fun, educational, and provide us with additional variety to our fitness “routine.”


This Saturday at 830am is the last session of the Bar Belles Women’s Lifting class. If you’re interested in seeing what the women’s lift is all about, you’re welcome to drop in and see (and participate!). Another 8-week cycle will begin at the end of August, and we’ll adjust the day/time to accommodate additional participants.


Endurance: What’s Coming Up?

CrossFit York’s In-house Strongman Competition! Interested in seeing what a strongman competition is all about? Then sign up for our In-House competition. This event will replicate a traditional strongman competition, with the proceeds going toward the purchase of additional strongman equipment to make you even stronger! DETAILS: Saturday, August 16, from 11am-3pm. $20 entry fee. All participants will compete in four events, with prizes awarded to the top male and female competitors. For more information, contact Tony ( Registration forms will be available at the box.


The White Rose Barbell Open registration will close on August 31. Lifting during a meet is an awesome experience… just ask any one of our athletes who have participated in one. If you are not ready to compete but you would like to volunteer, please save the dates (September 20-21) and look for a volunteer sign-up sheet at the box in the coming weeks.



Heavy: CrossFit York Athletes Being Awesome!

Congrats to Alyssa Mease who tied the knot this weekend and is now showing off her awesome shoulders on a beach in St. Lucia!! (We’re not jealous at all!!)


And kudos to the brave souls who competed in the Fullam’s triathlon this weekend! Make sure you’re sending all your awesomeness to Madeline ( so she can toot your horn for you. [Tooooot!] Any races you compete in, any awesome life achievements, any goal-reaching, etc. We want to share your joy!