Summer is almost here!


I know the weather the past few days has indicated otherwise, but remember that as the days warm up, you guys need to make sure you’re drinking enough water BEFORE you come into the gym. Hydration doesn’t just mean keeping a bottle of water close as an excuse for a break during the WOD.

Hot temps in the box mean more sweat on the equipment! Try your best to sanitize anything that you’re leaving your DNA on. More sweat means more chalk for some of us… remember to keep it in the bucket, and a little goes a long way!

Summer also means Youth Nationals for USAW: the White Rose Barbell Club is taking Makenna and Milan to Atlanta next month to compete (both have qualified this year! Yay!), and we’ll need some help with travel funds. If you’re inclined, consider making a tax deductible donation to the non-profit. Every little bit counts! And hopefully this year we’ll bring back two medals!

And here’s our programming for this short week.