New Faces and Dylan’s Programming Premier (It’s Good Stuff!)


Some New Faces?

Some of you may have noticed a large influx of new women visiting the gym. That’s because we’re running a 6-week program for women who are interested in learning what CrossFit is all about! These women will be training with us during a separate sessions, but will absolutely be doing the same kind of hard workouts everyone else is. Today is their first day, guys, and they’re doing BASELINE. (Dun-dun-dun!!) So, if you happen to run into an unfamiliar face at the gym in the next few weeks, give them a smile and an encouraging word. We all know what it’s like to be a beginner!

Welcome Dylan!

Our success story is on hold for this week; we’ll get you the next installment next Monday. For now, enjoy a gander at our amazing program, courtesy of Dylan, who is our newest coach. While Dylan has been at the helm of sessions for a couple weeks now, he’s never been given a formal¬†introduction. Dylan has been training with us since he was SHORTER THAN MADELINE. He was probably 12, and he got his start working with Missy Horn, who coached our kids’ classes for many years. Missy was the real reason Dylan became such a strong athlete: she taught him the technical side of the lifts and the gymnastics movements with precision and clarity. Dylan will be a graduating senior this year, and he did his senior research project and presentation on CrossFit. He earned is L1 Certificate at the beginning of this year, and we’ve really witnessed him come out of his quiet shell and step into a leadership role at the gym nicely. Dylan, our community is lucky to have you.