Is CrossFit right for me?
The simple answer: Yes! It doesn’t matter what your fitness goals are, CrossFit will help you achieve them quickly. By executing a variety of compound functional movements at a high intensity you will improve in all aspects of fitness.

The benefits:

  • You will burn fat. Guaranteed. Our programming, which is based on compound functional movements, uses more muscles which burns fat much more quickly than isolation movements.
  • You have access to nutritional counseling. If you’d like to accelerate your success in the gym, nutrition is key.
  • You will never be bored or be able predict your workout. The constantly varied WOD (workout of the day) means you will never do the same “routine.” Ever. Although the WODs are based on a core group of movements, the order, combinations, reps, and rounds always are varied. Each day is different, each week is different.
  •  You will experience constant improvement. The variety of exercises also means your body won’t adapt to a particular exercise routine. You will never plateau. All WODs are based on repeatable and measurable (timed) exercises. So from time to time you will execute a previous WOD to see if you can do it faster.
  •  You will find new and constant motivation. All WODs are lead by a coach to ensure proper and safe execution of the movements. In addition to the coach, you also might be among other clients in a group setting. Finally, all WODs have a time element to encourage you to push harder.

How much does it cost?
Your first 30 days, which includes 4 personal training sessions to learn the fundamental movements and unlimited sessions, is $145. After that first month, the standard rate is $125 (EFT) per month for unlimited sessions. If you sign up with a friend, your rate is $90 per person (we call this the Swolemate discount).

We have a variety of other pricing options: families, first responders (police, fire, military, public safety, EMS), students and seniors can receive discounted rates.

Wow, That’s More Expensive Than a Regular Gym Membership
Our gym doesn’t compare to a “regular gym.” Personal coaching, programming, nutritional counseling and group fitness classes at most gyms are all additional costs not included in the $10 or $20 a month you might pay. One hour of personal training alone might run you $50, and that’s being generous. An hour of nutritional counseling can be over $100.

Am I in good enough shape for CrossFit?
Show up as you are. Really! We’ll make you better.

All of our workouts consist of compound functional movements, which are natural, scalable, modifiable or have substitutions. This means that everyone, regardless of age, gender, or fitness level can have fun exercising together.

Also, we provide different levels in each class:

  • Fitness Level: allows athletes to develop skills, to modify movements, and to scale weights to accommodate current strength capacity. Each fitness level workout is in service of increasing strength and improving technical skill. The fitness level is appropriate for ALL LEVELS and all ages.
  • Performance Level: allows athletes to use weights and movements that are technically challenging. Performance level workouts provide athletes with the opportunity to measure their progress against other athletes of similar abilities.
  • Competitor Level: allows athletes to scale weights and technical movements to prepare for competing in CrossFit and other fitness competitions; allows athletes from other sports to train at a higher level to prepare them for the intensity of their own competitive sport.

Can I get the attention I need in a group setting?
Our coaches are CPR/First Aid certified and have the CrossFit Level One certification. Many of us have multiple fitness-related certifications. We are taught to handle large groups. We are trained to keep you safe while improving your fitness level.

What is a CrossFit affiliate?
It means we are a licensed CrossFit facility, meeting a certain standard — a standard which you should look for when you are trusting someone with your health and fitness.

CrossFit has been around since the 1980s, but recently has started to explode worldwide. There are more than 8,000 affiliates around the globe and counting. CrossFit York was the first CrossFit affiliate in Central Pennsylvania, and our affiliate was one of the first 400 in the US (we are 396). Training at CrossFit York means you’re training with the most experienced coaches in the area, and with an institution that prides itself in being a part of the CrossFit legacy.

Be aware of imitators and impostors who might claim to do “CrossFit” or “CrossFit-like” programs. It is in the best interest of your safety and fitness to look for a licensed CrossFit affiliate.

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