CrossFit York to Host the Keystone State Games!

CrossFit York is excited to announce we’ll be hosting the Keystone State Fitness Competition and Weightlifting Championship next month!

Register for the Keystone State Games Weightlifting Meet

Register for the Keystone State Games Fitness Competition

Register to participate in BOTH COMPETITIONS–a $30 savings!

We’ve worked with the organizers of the Keystone State Games to present a 2-day USAW-sanctioned Weightlifting Meet and a Fitness competition for a true test of fitness and strength!

Saturday, July 29, we’ll hold a USAW meet. This meet will crown the strongest in each weight class and division, and will name a best lifter based on Sinclair calculations.

Sunday, July 30, we’ll hold a fitness competition. Those who compete in the USAW meet the day before will carry their Sinclair total over. (Those who only compete in the fitness competition will have to show up early on Sunday to establish their 1RM snatch and clean and jerk).

We are super excited to host this two-day event! Our CrossFit York community can participate in the following ways:
1. COMPETE (and this is what we’d love to see the most!): Come out and lift your best lift on Saturday, then come out Sunday and test your fitness! There will be scaled, master’s, and youth divisions. Everyone is welcome to compete!

2. VOLUNTEER: Not a good time for you to compete? That’s OK! Madeline needs¬†experienced CrossFitters to judge, work the registration table, and help the events run smoothly.

3. GET THE WORD OUT: Have a friend, loved one, colleague, who you think would have a blast coming out for the Keystone State Games? Hook them up with a link to the registration! We’d love to pack the house for this weekend.

Programming for this week! Thanks, Courtney!