Coach Profile: Dylan Trovato


Meet Coach Dylan Trovato!

Dylan has been a coach for almost a year and has CF-L1 and USAW Sports Performance Coach certifications. He began CrossFit because his parents said he needed to be active so they forced him into CrossFit. He remembers his first workout in a kids class; all the other kids beat him in weights and rounds so he refused to go back for a year.

Before CrossFit, Dylan couldn’t run for more than a minute and didn’t even have one pull-up. He says, “CrossFit has put me into an active lifestyle doing a bunch of stuff I never thought I’d enjoy to do like weightlifting, biking, running.”

Dylan loves CrossFit because “anyone no matter their athletic background can find some form of physical activity they enjoy” while doing CrossFit.

He also loves seeing improvement in others and as well as himself.

Being the youngest coach at CrossFit York, Dylan definitely brings a whole lot of positive energy to the gym each day, so come workout in the afternoon for a nice confidence boost and possibly some musical burpees with Coach Dylan!

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