Coach Profile: Bailey Druck


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Bailey began coaching in 2016. He has the CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (CF-L1) and USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach certifications.

He began CrossFit after watching the 2011 CrossFit games on television and saw “people climbing ropes and lifting heavy barbells and thought it looked like a lot of fun.” Bailey’s dad then urged him to try CrossFit to get in shape for wrestling in high school.

Bailey remembers going into his very first CrossFit work out thinking he was in pretty good shape from wrestling. He ended up afterward lying on the ground completely exhausted.

As a coach, Bailey has learned that “CrossFit really can be for anyone.” He loves having the opportunity to coach all ages, which he says, “has shown [him] that age is hardly a barrier when it comes to pushing yourself both mentally and physically.” He also loves how CrossFit is able to bring likeminded people together on a daily basis to suffer through tough workouts that create “an environment unlike anything I’ve been a part of and really brings out the best in people.”

Bailey’s favorite movement is the snatch “because of the combination of technique, strength, and mobility that is required to make the lift happen.” He likes that even after years of snatching there are still things to work on and improve.

Since the start of his CrossFit career, Bailey competed at Youth Nationals for weightlifting in Daytona Beach and placed in the top 10 when he was 17. He went on to compete in the American Open in Reno, NV when he was 18.   

At just the age of 20, Bailey brings so much enthusiasm for the sport every time he enters the gym.  Come join the afternoon crew to get coached by Bailey during the week!