Congrats, Mary Stefanski!

The winner of our January social media contest is Mary Stefanski, who posted this great pic of Ronin in the kennel with sweet Simba looking on. She’ll get her membership for free in the month of February!!


The morning schedule has changed! Check Zen Planner and reserve your spot.

The new morning schedule is: 530am and 7am MWF; 530am T/Th.

Programming is UP!



Welcome Dillon Nguyen!

Dillon Nguyen at the WRBB Open

CrossFit York is excited to welcome Dillon Nguyen as an intern for the spring 2018 semester. Dillon is a senior exercise science major at Shippensburg University. He has his CF-L1 and is a competitive weightlifter (he won gold in his weight class at the White Rose Open this past October). We are excited to bring him on for the spring to run sessions, to participate in programming, and to learn behind-the-scenes gym operations. Please give him a warm CFY welcome!

UPcoming schedule changes

Beginning on Monday, January 29, we’ll be combining the 5-6am class on MWF into one 530am class. The 7am class on MWF will remain for the time being. Please make sure you CHECK ZEN PLANNER and reserve your spot for any classes, but especially any morning session.

Social media contest

We are at 1,994 likes on FaceBook! Please keep checking in and posting the #crossfityork hashtag to be eligible for a free one-month membership! A winner will be drawn and announced on next week’s weekly update.

Endurance class to stay

There have been some questions about the 830am Endurance class: it’s here to stay. You don’t have to be training for a triathlon or an adventure race to participate! However, next week (January 27) you WILL NEED A BICYCLE.  :) Actually, if you don’t have a bike, we always have the Assault Bike and the rowers as modifications. The point is–all are welcome.

Crossfit open registration

The CrossFit Open is ONE MONTH AWAY. The first announcement for the first WOD will be on February 22! Don’t know what the Open is? Not sure if you should register? Check this quick video for an official explanation–but ask a coach, ask a veteran CrossFit York member, ask ANYONE who’s ever competed in the Open and they’ll tell you: it’s the most fun, and the hardest set of workouts, you’ll ever experience. At CrossFit York we encourage our athletes to compete in the Open if they like, and we will hold Open workouts as the Friday WODs during Open season. In addition, all our coaches (as well as some of our seasoned members) work to earn their Judges’ Certificate so that all our athletes have a certified score for every WOD.

Oh, yeah! Programming for the week is up!


2018: Celebrating Ten Years of CrossFit York

In July 2008, Rusty opened CrossFit York. He had to travel to Michigan for his CF-L1. This week’s fun CrossFit York history fact: Dave Castro and Adrian Bozman were on Rusty’s seminar staff (i.e., they indoctrinated him!) and he’s met Greg Glassman.

It was the first affiliate in South Central Pennsylvania; currently, there are over 14,000 CrossFit gyms world wide. When CrossFit York opened, there were only 395. CFY is number 396. We have some history.

In celebration of our 10 year anniversary, we’ll have monthly challenges and mini-celebrations throughout the year. This month, we’ll be holding a social media contest! Our goal is to get 2,000 “likes” on Facebook–as of this writing, we have 1,978.

In order to be entered in a drawing for a free month of membership, post a PHOTOGRAPH of something cool happening in the gym on Facebook with a CrossFit York check-in! OR can also post to Instagram with #crossfityork in the caption.

Each post will be counted as an individual entry–and you can post up to once per day between now and the end of January to be eligible.

on the horizon

We’re getting lots of questions about another big event happening this year–our move! If you haven’t heard, the building we currently lease has been sold to the York Heritage Trust. The Trust is working to raise the money to renovate the entire building to house museums and administrative offices. CrossFit York will move into renovated space about 3 blocks away on Market Street, in the building that the Book Emporium currently inhabits. While the exact move date is not yet set, we anticipate moving sometime between May and June, though this date may be changed based on when our new building will be ready. Most importantly–we DO NOT anticipate any substantial disruption of your regular workout schedule (though we may have some “moving day” WODs; remember, we’re all about functional fitness!!).

This week’s programming is up!

Coach Spotlight: Steve-O!

Still on the fence about signing up for our Nutrition with Flexible Templates course?  If you need that edge on getting ready for the OPEN, we’ve got you COVERED!! Coach Courtney is a consultant on this course–need we say more?

There are still spots open! First class is Monday, 1/8 @ 630pm… but you can also begin on Saturday morning, 1/14 at 11am!!

Coach Spotlight: Steve Kearns!

Steve (CF-L1) has been a CrossFit coach since 2014. Steve heard about CrossFit when he was taking a yearlong leadership development course and this guy in the class kept rambling on and on about CrossFit. “After about 6 months of hearing about it I decided to look it up and see what the fuss was about.”

Steve started CrossFit when he was in the process of training for an upcoming world championship in martial arts. He figured CrossFit would help increase his fitness and strength so he could be more competitive in the sport.

The first week Steve signed up for CrossFit happened to be during the CrossFit Open so one of his first workouts was Open Workout 13.3:  AMRAP 12 of 150 wall balls, 90 double unders, and 30 muscle ups. He remembers: “that year, whether or not you were signed up for the open, someone judged you. So there I was in one of my first workouts with the class ever, and I have guys yelling “No-Rep” at me every other wall ball shot. I think I may have broken the 100 mark, but I felt like I had done 300+ attempts!”

Steve loves CrossFit because there are always areas to improve. “No matter how confident you are, there’s always a curve ball.” His favorite movements include back squats and deadlifts because “there’s just something so freaking primal about them!”

Since starting CrossFit, Steve’s teams have won Karen for Balls 3 times and he has taken a different approach toward his nutrition. “I still enjoy beer, donuts and pizza, but healthier choices are far more common for me than they used to be.” [Editor’s note: Melony probably helps him with that.]

Programming for the week is up!

Coach Spotlight: Melony Kearns!

Still on the fence about signing up for our Nutrition with Flexible Templates course?  Here’s some more information: 1) it’s not like any of the other nutrition challenges we’ve done before (no teams, no points)! 2) each participant will receive a personalized macronutrient profile 3) each week will feature food hacks and recipes that can easily be adjusted for each person’s goals 4) each lesson will feature the most up-to-date research in the science of nutrition  5) each participant will have daily access to our nutrition counselors to answer ongoing questions.

Registration will close on Saturday, January 6.

Coach Spotlight: Melony Kearns!

Melony began CrossFit in 2014 when she was training for her first figure competition.  She was looking for something challenging to improve her physique and overall fitness. Her first workout was 3 rounds for time of 400 meter run, 20 toes to bar, and 10 alternating pistols on each side.

She earned her CF-L1 in 2016 and has been coaching since.

Melony loves CrossFit for the community.  “I’ve met some of my best friends at CrossFit York.” Her favorite movement is the deadlift: “not only does it directly translate to life skills (i.e. picking up heavy shit), it is the most weight I can move so it’s automatically awesome. That being said, it is also my LEAST favorite to clean up.”

After becoming a coach Melony has learned that “you need to be aware of people’s limitations. Some people, such as myself, will push themselves through injuries, which can result in even worse injuries in the long run.”

Since starting CrossFit Melony’s fitness has gotten better and her lifting numbers have improved. She also won the figure competition that prompted her to try CrossFit, and she’s won several powerlifting meets and one Olympic meet in her weight class. 

Come to the evening classes to catch Melony; she’s back after surgery and is looking to be better than ever. 

Programming for this week is up!

New Year, New You!

Just a couple of reminders as we get ready to leap into the new year next week!

There will be ONE HERO WOD at 10am on Monday, January 1. Plan accordingly!

On January 8, the Nutrition with Flexible Templates Course begins. If you are looking to dial in your nutrition, learn about macro nutrients, discover new ways of meal planning and prep, and have some serious support in getting the results you want out of the gym, you’ll want to sign up for this course. 


Holiday WOD and Potluck!!!

Hey all!! It’s beginning to look a lot like, well, you know, snowy and gross if you ask me. (Sorry to all you snow lovers.)

This Saturday will be our HOLIDAY WOD and POTLUCK! Come for the Saturday 10am WOD, and stay to share a meal and fellowship with your favorite, fittest friends. <3

Bring a dish or some such to pass! The gym will provide some protein and some beverages; you may also bring your choice of holiday beverage to enjoy (or share!)

We’ll have some contests: Best ugly sweater! Best holiday socks! Heaviest holiday snatch! Heaviest holiday clean jerk! ;)

We’ll have an optional white elephant gift exchange. Bring a fun wrapped gift with a value limit of $15 to participate.

Please RSVP on the CFY Members FB event or email so we can plan for protein quantities!!

And here’s this week’s programming!


Girls on the Run Frosty 5k!

Please consider joining many of us next Saturday morning for the Girls on the Run 5k! This local race supports Girls on the Run, a nonprofit girls’ empowerment program.

The race will be held at Dallastown Intermediate on December 2, 2017. Packet pickup is from 700am to 830am, and the race begins at 9am.

This race will serve as our weekly CFY Endurance session (so there will be no session at the gym this Saturday).

Our weekly program is up! 

Coach Profile: Bailey Druck

This week’s programming is up!

Beginning this week, our intern Justine will provide us with coach profiles. Got a question you’d like to ask a coach about their CrossFit lifestyle or their backstory? Let Justine know; give her a quick shout out via email:

Bailey began coaching in 2016. He has the CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (CF-L1) and USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach certifications.

He began CrossFit after watching the 2011 CrossFit games on television and saw “people climbing ropes and lifting heavy barbells and thought it looked like a lot of fun.” Bailey’s dad then urged him to try CrossFit to get in shape for wrestling in high school.

Bailey remembers going into his very first CrossFit work out thinking he was in pretty good shape from wrestling. He ended up afterward lying on the ground completely exhausted.

As a coach, Bailey has learned that “CrossFit really can be for anyone.” He loves having the opportunity to coach all ages, which he says, “has shown [him] that age is hardly a barrier when it comes to pushing yourself both mentally and physically.” He also loves how CrossFit is able to bring likeminded people together on a daily basis to suffer through tough workouts that create “an environment unlike anything I’ve been a part of and really brings out the best in people.”

Bailey’s favorite movement is the snatch “because of the combination of technique, strength, and mobility that is required to make the lift happen.” He likes that even after years of snatching there are still things to work on and improve.

Since the start of his CrossFit career, Bailey competed at Youth Nationals for weightlifting in Daytona Beach and placed in the top 10 when he was 17. He went on to compete in the American Open in Reno, NV when he was 18.   

At just the age of 20, Bailey brings so much enthusiasm for the sport every time he enters the gym.  Come join the afternoon crew to get coached by Bailey during the week!


Sam Fullam Hosts the York Pop-up Shop at CrossFit York

Do you know someone in need of free winter clothes? Scarves, hats, coats?

Saturday and Sunday, November 18 and 19 from 8am to 5pm, CrossFit York will host the York Pop-up Shop, organized by Sam Fullam.

Regular workouts will remain scheduled that weekend.

Sam’s goal is to help those in need before winter hits. And plenty of people have more than they need, so the shop will redistribute the plenty to people who have less.

So far Samantha has collected 100 bags of donated clothing. She estimates she’ll have over 250 bags of clothing to redistribute during the Pop-up Shop. These bags include men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing along with hygiene products. She’s had 150 people help her collect clothes and sort them throughout this project.

 The event is being held for anyone in our community who may benefit from donated items. Sam said, “Anyone is welcome.”

If you’re thinking that her name sounds familiar, that’s because she’s Joe Fullam’s (THE Joe) oldest daughter. She’s also running for Hallam Borough council. So if you live in Hallam Borough, consider a vote for Samantha on November 7th. Samantha said, “Community engagement is important to me. A community that is engaged is safer, happier, and overall more efficient in making decisions that better its residents. I want to see the people of Hallam using our parks and talking to their neighbors more. My goal is to strengthen the connection between the people of the borough, the local small businesses, and the local government.” Clearly, from the work that she’s doing to help others, her heart and hands are committed to strengthening community.

Programming for the week is up. :)