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Rusty Reflects on Our Most Recent Lifestyle Challenge


As we come to the close of our most recent nutrition challenge (CTRL + ALT + DELETE), Rusty reflects on his experiences with dialing in nutrition, body composition change.   *** The Role of Homeostasis in Body Composition I know challenges such as this should not be about body weight, but it’s a major concern […]



This week’s programming. Burnout. This is a word I’ve heard a few times this week. Those of us working through the 12-week lifestyle challenge, we’re in the doldrums of week 11, many of us barely hanging on. We’re going through the motions of food prep, of working out, of getting on the floor to mobilize […]

The Perpetual Student


 Download this week’s program. For some of us, school was something we’re happy to be done with. The stress of homework and tests, the sitting through boring lectures on obscure history or brain-numbing math formulas, the endless waiting for lunch. So we might equate some of those less-pleasant feelings of school with being a student. […]

Find a Better You!


Want to learn more about CrossFit York? Check out this short informational video about how CrossFit York WORKS.

Rut. Slump. Funk.


Seems like I’ve heard these words, or some variation thereof, thrown around the box lately. See if this sounds familiar: you find CrossFit, you fall in love. The intensity, the people, the amazing results. Then, you try eating paleo or primal. You might participate in a nutrition challenge for a few weeks; you quit drinking […]