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Modified Couch Stretch


Have athletes begin in standard Samson, a deep lunge with their rear knee on the ground. Then cue them to reach for their rear foot/ankle, which will expand the stretch to include the length of their quadricep/rectus femoris. If athletes complain of discomfort in their rear knee, they can put their knee on an abmat […]

Thoracic spine and shoulder opener


Have athletes begin laying on one side, their hips and shoulders stacked, the bottom arm extended to one side and the top arm bent with the hand behind the head. Cue them to bend their top knee and let the toe of that foot rest on the floor behind them. Then cue them to slowly […]

Bird Dog (Back and Core)


This movement strengthens the core and back. Good for warm-up. Have athletes begin in table top. Cue them to tighten their¬†¬† abs by pulling belly into the spine. Then have them extend the right leg back and the left arm straight ahead, and then switch. Make sure they’re not twisting or torquing. Holds can be […]

Supine Shoulder Stretch


Supine Shoulder Stretch Have athletes sit on their butt with feet flat on the floor and their knees bent. Ask them to place their hands palms down, fingers towards their body, on the floor behind their hips. Then, tell them to lean back toward the floor, driving their elbows behind them. To deepen the stretch, […]

Kettlebell Arm Bar


Kettlebell Arm Bar. Shoulder opener; also stretches pectoral muscles. Kb weight should be light. Cues: Have athletes begin on their backs, pushing the kb up from one side to locked out in the air above their face. They should then bring their non-kb arm straight over head, palm up, to lie on the floor above […]