Coach Profile: Courtney Mortorff

Courtney on the ringsA few announcements and reminders for the upcoming week/s!!

On Monday, November 20 at 730pm we’re hosting a BRIEF seminar on Staying FIT and HAPPY Over the Holidays.

We are only open for 10am Holiday Hero WODs on Thursday and Friday this week. Regular schedule Saturday and Sunday.

On December 2, 2017, many of the CFY Endurance athletes will be running the YWCA Frosty Fun Run 5k in Dallastown. :) Details and registration can be found at

On Saturday, December 16, we’ll host our CFY Holiday Potluck after the 10am WOD. Look for event details on Facebook and around the gym!!

We’re running a Nutrition Course after the new year!! Check with Madeline for details!

Meet our Courtney!!

Courtney has been coaching since 2015. She has both her CF-L1 and USAW Sports Performance Coach certifications.

Courtney originally heard about CrossFit because she had started running “as a form of stress relief and a way to get back into fitness” and her friend mentioned participating in a Tough Mudder. When looking for ways to train for the race, she found videos of people doing muscle ups and rope climbs.

Courtney’s first CrossFit workout had kettle bell swings, double unders, and running. She remembers, While I found CrossFit through a random Internet search, the atmosphere, the people and of course the potential to become super strong and jacked is what got me hooked.” 

Since becoming a coach Courtney said, “One of the most rewarding experiences as a coach for me is when an athlete is able to improve a movement or gain confidence in their abilities based on the feedback I provided. Watching athletes succeed at something they didn’t think they could do has taught me how we are often our own worst enemy and sometimes our successes are only limited by our ability to have confidence in ourselves.”

Throughout her CrossFit career, Courtney has changed her relationship with food. She said, “Rather than simply eating for pleasure I try to focus on how food affects my performance in the gym.” She also goes to bed a lot earlier on the weekends to she can make it to the weekend WOD’s.

Her favorite part of CrossFit besides the friendships she’s formed “is the constantly varied aspect of the sport” and her favorite movement is heavy thursters.

Courtney’s love for CrossFit shines through in both her coaching and her work out ability. Catch Courtney constantly pushing herself coaching and working out during the week and on the weekends!

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Coach Spotlight: Steve-O!

Still on the fence about signing up for our Nutrition with Flexible Templates course?  If you need that edge on getting ready for the OPEN, we’ve got you COVERED!! Coach Courtney is a consultant on this course–need we say more?

There are still spots open! First class is Monday, 1/8 @ 630pm… but you can also begin on Saturday morning, 1/14 at 11am!!

Coach Spotlight: Steve Kearns!

Steve (CF-L1) has been a CrossFit coach since 2014. Steve heard about CrossFit when he was taking a yearlong leadership development course and this guy in the class kept rambling on and on about CrossFit. “After about 6 months of hearing about it I decided to look it up and see what the fuss was about.”

Steve started CrossFit when he was in the process of training for an upcoming world championship in martial arts. He figured CrossFit would help increase his fitness and strength so he could be more competitive in the sport.

The first week Steve signed up for CrossFit happened to be during the CrossFit Open so one of his first workouts was Open Workout 13.3:  AMRAP 12 of 150 wall balls, 90 double unders, and 30 muscle ups. He remembers: “that year, whether or not you were signed up for the open, someone judged you. So there I was in one of my first workouts with the class ever, and I have guys yelling “No-Rep” at me every other wall ball shot. I think I may have broken the 100 mark, but I felt like I had done 300+ attempts!”

Steve loves CrossFit because there are always areas to improve. “No matter how confident you are, there’s always a curve ball.” His favorite movements include back squats and deadlifts because “there’s just something so freaking primal about them!”

Since starting CrossFit, Steve’s teams have won Karen for Balls 3 times and he has taken a different approach toward his nutrition. “I still enjoy beer, donuts and pizza, but healthier choices are far more common for me than they used to be.” [Editor’s note: Melony probably helps him with that.]

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Coach Spotlight: Melony Kearns!

Still on the fence about signing up for our Nutrition with Flexible Templates course?  Here’s some more information: 1) it’s not like any of the other nutrition challenges we’ve done before (no teams, no points)! 2) each participant will receive a personalized macronutrient profile 3) each week will feature food hacks and recipes that can easily be adjusted for each person’s goals 4) each lesson will feature the most up-to-date research in the science of nutrition  5) each participant will have daily access to our nutrition counselors to answer ongoing questions.

Registration will close on Saturday, January 6.

Coach Spotlight: Melony Kearns!

Melony began CrossFit in 2014 when she was training for her first figure competition.  She was looking for something challenging to improve her physique and overall fitness. Her first workout was 3 rounds for time of 400 meter run, 20 toes to bar, and 10 alternating pistols on each side.

She earned her CF-L1 in 2016 and has been coaching since.

Melony loves CrossFit for the community.  “I’ve met some of my best friends at CrossFit York.” Her favorite movement is the deadlift: “not only does it directly translate to life skills (i.e. picking up heavy shit), it is the most weight I can move so it’s automatically awesome. That being said, it is also my LEAST favorite to clean up.”

After becoming a coach Melony has learned that “you need to be aware of people’s limitations. Some people, such as myself, will push themselves through injuries, which can result in even worse injuries in the long run.”

Since starting CrossFit Melony’s fitness has gotten better and her lifting numbers have improved. She also won the figure competition that prompted her to try CrossFit, and she’s won several powerlifting meets and one Olympic meet in her weight class. 

Come to the evening classes to catch Melony; she’s back after surgery and is looking to be better than ever. 

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Coach Profile: Dylan Trovato

Meet Coach Dylan Trovato!

Dylan has been a coach for almost a year and has CF-L1 and USAW Sports Performance Coach certifications. He began CrossFit because his parents said he needed to be active so they forced him into CrossFit. He remembers his first workout in a kids class; all the other kids beat him in weights and rounds so he refused to go back for a year.

Before CrossFit, Dylan couldn’t run for more than a minute and didn’t even have one pull-up. He says, “CrossFit has put me into an active lifestyle doing a bunch of stuff I never thought I’d enjoy to do like weightlifting, biking, running.”

Dylan loves CrossFit because “anyone no matter their athletic background can find some form of physical activity they enjoy” while doing CrossFit.

He also loves seeing improvement in others and as well as himself.

Being the youngest coach at CrossFit York, Dylan definitely brings a whole lot of positive energy to the gym each day, so come workout in the afternoon for a nice confidence boost and possibly some musical burpees with Coach Dylan!

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Coach Profile: Bailey Druck

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Beginning this week, our intern Justine will provide us with coach profiles. Got a question you’d like to ask a coach about their CrossFit lifestyle or their backstory? Let Justine know; give her a quick shout out via email:

Bailey began coaching in 2016. He has the CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (CF-L1) and USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach certifications.

He began CrossFit after watching the 2011 CrossFit games on television and saw “people climbing ropes and lifting heavy barbells and thought it looked like a lot of fun.” Bailey’s dad then urged him to try CrossFit to get in shape for wrestling in high school.

Bailey remembers going into his very first CrossFit work out thinking he was in pretty good shape from wrestling. He ended up afterward lying on the ground completely exhausted.

As a coach, Bailey has learned that “CrossFit really can be for anyone.” He loves having the opportunity to coach all ages, which he says, “has shown [him] that age is hardly a barrier when it comes to pushing yourself both mentally and physically.” He also loves how CrossFit is able to bring likeminded people together on a daily basis to suffer through tough workouts that create “an environment unlike anything I’ve been a part of and really brings out the best in people.”

Bailey’s favorite movement is the snatch “because of the combination of technique, strength, and mobility that is required to make the lift happen.” He likes that even after years of snatching there are still things to work on and improve.

Since the start of his CrossFit career, Bailey competed at Youth Nationals for weightlifting in Daytona Beach and placed in the top 10 when he was 17. He went on to compete in the American Open in Reno, NV when he was 18.   

At just the age of 20, Bailey brings so much enthusiasm for the sport every time he enters the gym.  Come join the afternoon crew to get coached by Bailey during the week!


“Today I’m Gonna Do What You Won’t…

… so tomorrow I can do what you can’t.”

The Trovatos and Josè Velez tested this maxim last month.

They completed the three-part Spartan Race Trifecta on August 26th and 27th at the Summit Bechtel Reserve in West Virginia: 

  1.  “The Beast” was 12-14 miles with 30-35 obstacles. This portion took all four athletes around 6 hours to finish.
  2. “The Super” was 8-10 miles with 24-29 obstacles and took Dawn and Joe around 3 hours to complete.
  3. “The Sprint” was 3-5 miles with 20-23 obstacles. Dawn and Joe were able to finish with a time of 2 hours and 20 minutes and Dylan and Josè beat them by about 25 minutes.

Dawn reported that “the distance, elevation and the terrain were the most challenging part.”

Dylan agreed. “Every part was hard.”

Dawn, Joe, and Dylan all said there were a lot of obstacles in the race that CrossFit prepared them for, like tire flips, atlas stones, and rope climbs. Dylan claimed that even with obstacles like the monkey bars, which we don’t have in the gym, his training on the pull up bar helped.

Dawn, Dylan, and Joe all said their favorite part about the Spartan Race Trifecta was “jumping over the fire and crossing the finish line.” Their hard work in the box definitely paid off! Be sure to offer each of them an extra high-five this week.

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More Success Stories: Dave App

This week’s programming!

More stories from our Lifestyle Challenge Success File! Dave reports:

“In January 2017, I weighed 194.5. On April 7, I weighed 180.0 (my scale at school goes by half pounds). The biggest thing with the weight loss wasn’t necessarily the weight loss itself, but the fact I lost it mostly from my stomach fat. I never did any before or after pics so there’s no photo evidence, but the waist of my pants are feeling much looser and I have to pull a little more on my belt now! This pretty significant because I’m a scrawny guy to begin with, so most of my weight was in my belly area, which is the worst place for fat and health related issues.

Overall I have more energy since starting the challenge as well. I was a big nap taker, especially on weekends, but I haven’t felt the need to nap much at all. I haven’t tested any maxes recently but I know my quads are getting much stronger and better defined. Our girls’ soccer coach (who was a big bench/squat guy in his past life) has mentioned several times about he noticed my quads being stronger. To go along with strength, I have been feeling less sore after workouts, so I know my strength/endurance/and recovery have been improving, since I have been trying to do more of the WODs at competitive level and have been trying to increase weighs in our squat cycle days. One of my goals was to get a muscle up, which I did get. [Editor’s note: WOOO HOO DAVE!!] And after I got them, actually being able to do them as part of a WOD. My strength goal was to increase my front squat. Originally I set that for about 200#. At two weeks in, I tried a 1RM and hit 242#. So I’m hoping when I test again, my new max will be closer to 260. My back squat 5×3 before we started was about 107 kg, and our most recent one we did I was able to do 111kgs. My front squat 5×3 in December was 70 kgs, and last time we did this I was at 88 kgs.”



Another Awesome Success Story

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This week’s success story is Reed’s. Reed was a challenger who made that program WORK, dialing in his fuel for performance and using the incentives to work on his goals.

Weight: lost 17 pounds


  • 12 consecutive strict HSPU
  • 9 consecutive (single kip) T2B
  • 5 consecutive C2B pull-ups
  • Cindy: 23+3

He writes: “Throughout the challenge I pushed myself to work on improving all things relevant to the challenge. I learned a lot about food in general, especially the cooking/ingredient aspect and how food makes me actually feel. I also noted how keeping a proper sleep schedule improves my daily performance inside and out of the gym. The most notable takeaways from the weekly challenges are that I need to do daily mobility with intensity to achieve full range of motion, I really don’t need pre-workouts or protein powders, getting out of my comfort zone is fun and I should do it more often, and that ultimately that I need to “run my own race” when it comes to the daily WODs and challenging myself.

I achieved many new movements, extended my ability to perform existing ones with heavier weight, and can perform higher continuous repetitions. This was partially due to better mobility or easier ability to move from leaning out – pull ups are easier if you’re lighter! I’m not sure how you measure mobility improvements, but most of the coaches have been able to see how much easier my squat, snatch, cleans, etc. have become. I notice this above most things as a main area of improvement. The other is how much lighter I feel on my feet.”



Success Story: Carolyn Obermeier

Programming for this week.

Sometimes, the universe makes things easy on us. This week’s success story is about Carolyn, who — we have noted before — brings an extraordinary heart to our gym. By virtue of her busy life as a teacher and track coach, we get to see her during a variety of sessions: she’s sometimes a 4:30 regular; sometimes she’s a 6:00am regular; and she can, most Sundays, be found working on her lifts.

The reason I say the universe makes things easy on us isn’t about Carolyn having it easy. What I mean is that I chose her to be our success story last week, and then AFTER I picked her, she went and won second place at the Festivus Games in Lancaster. So I have an awesome photo of her on the podium (thanks to the Facebook-er who posted it for us… please speak up and claim #photocred) as well as more evidence to show that her hard work in the gym and her fantastic positive attitude have earned her much accolades.

Carolyn was a Lifestyle Challenger who saw a range of benefits from dialing in her daily life:
“My clothes are much looser. I slept much better and my skin was better from drinking more water and less wine.  I was able to get through a shoulder injury with the support of my team and coaches. I graduated from green band to blue doing my pull-up work. I completed the OPEN successfully without a lot of carbs which was a big eye-opener for me. The challenge also made life more positive for me. I had a PR in OHS, bench, and snatch.”

Kudos to Carolyn! We are lucky to have her.

This Week’s Open Athlete: Kelly Bolt! 14.4

kellysnatch With each Open announcement, there is glee and groans… Glee for those movements we like or do well; groans for movements that are punishing (though they are all, really) or are challenging… and groans for movements that some of us still have not mastered.

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 2.47.39 PM

Enter Kelly. She posted this status update to Facebook the morning before she came into the box to complete the WOD, and there clearly was a bit of prescience there. It turns out, last Saturday WAS her day. As her judge and her husband, Jeremy, stood next to the rig and offered encouragement and strategies, she managed to kick the crap out of that bar 4 times (and nearly hit it on a dozen other occasions). Her perseverance deserves to be commended — but her spirit and enthusiasm are really what make her this week’s Open Athlete. While she can be counted on to always have a smile on her face, Kelly’s smile this week was in the face of a significant challenge — a challenge that she conquered. And you can bet that her smile helped carry her toes right up to that bar.