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jackiesetupIntro/Foundations: 1 hour. Small-group instruction designed to teach beginners the basic movements used in CrossFit.  Generally, members complete 6 intro sessions before they are ready to attend the WODs. Open to everyone.

WOD: Workout of the Day. 1 hour. Group workout programmed to follow the CrossFit methods of constantly varied, functional movements. Includes a warm-up, skill/strength work, the workout, and cool down/mobility work. Open to all current members.

Weightlifting (WL): 1 hour.  Focus is on the Olympic lifts and barbell work. This class will increase your proficiency in the clean and jerk and snatch through individual instruction. Improved barbell movement translates to more effective workouts overall. Open to all current members.

Strongman: 1 hour. Focus is on strongman/heavy lifting techniques. This class will increase your load capacity, through the use of movements from the strongman competitions such as atlas stone lifting and loading, deadlift, axle bar lifts, log work, tire flips, sled work, yoke work, and various holds and carries. Open to all current members.

CrossFit Kids (CFY Kids): 1 hour. Includes warm-up, skill instruction, a short workout, and a game. Focus is on establishing a positive, fun perspective about health and fitness. Open to current members ages 5-14.

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