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Class Descriptions

jackiesetupIntro/Foundations: 1 hour. Small-group instruction designed to teach beginners the basic movements used in CrossFit.  Generally, members complete 6 intro sessions before they are ready to attend the WODs. Open to everyone.


WOD: Workout of the Day. 1 hour. Group workout programmed to follow the CrossFit methods of constantly varied, functional movements. Includes a warm-up, skill/strength work, the workout, and cool down/mobility work. Open to all current members.


Barbell Basics: 1 hour.  Focus is on the Olympic lifts and barbell work. This class will increase your proficiency in the clean and jerk and snatch through individual instruction. Proficiency in the Olympics lifts is a prerequisite for the EVO Performance class, so the Barbell Basics class is recommended for athletes interested in moving into the EVO class. Additionally, improved barbell movement translates to more effective workouts overall. Open to all current members.


EVO Performance: 2 hours. Session includes an Olympic lift, strength training, and the day’s WOD. Focus is on improving capacity in the Olympic lifts via individual instruction. Prepares athletes for competition in USAW Olympic lifting meets as well as CrossFit competitions. Class is open to members who can demonstrate the following:
• mature squat: full depth (hip crease below knees), flat back, vertical line through shoulders and

ankles, upright posture, heels on the ground. This movement should be unassisted and fluid.

• the ability to perform the snatch proficiently

• the ability to perform the clean & jerk proficiently

• 5 pull-ups

• 5 ring dips

• 10-second handstand hold with full lock out of the arms and heels only on the wall


CrossFit Kids: 1 hour. Includes warm-up, skill instruction, a short workout, and a game. Focus is on establishing a positive, fun perspective about health and fitness. Open to current members ages 5-14.