CrossFit York Partners with the CerebRun

cerebrun-site-headerCrossFit York is proud to announce its partnership with CerebRun, a locally-hosted challenge of mental and physical abilities. A CerebRun Challenge is designed to unleash you from your stationery life.  No more sitting at a desk or slouching behind the wheel of a car.  A CerebRun Challenge will involve running, climbing, crawling, shouting, swimming, and most importantly, thinking.  But as much fun as sludging through this puzzle-bloated, mental mud run sounds, it is important that it is done safely.  Remember, this is a PHYSICAL CHALLENGE.  Adequate preparation and training are key components to ensure that CerebRunners achieve a great finish and continued success. The next CerebRun Challenge is scheduled for May 10, 2014, in Delta. More details will follow!

CrossFit Supports the 2014 Can-Am Police-Fire Games

canamlogoCrossFit York is excited to support the 2014 Can-Am Police-Fire Games by hosting The CrossFit York Experience for Games competitors, friends, family, spectators, and the general public on Saturday, July 12, from 10-4. A portion of all proceeds for this event will go to the Make-a-Wish Foundation.

The CrossFit York Experience is a way to experience CrossFit in a friendly, social environment through participation in a CrossFit WOD (workout of the day) in true competitive style.

In addition, CrossFit York coaches will provide the following hands-on clinics throughout the day:



1. Olympic Lifting

2. Strongman

3. CrossFit

4. Boxing with Stick-N-Move



Finally, local vendors will be present to offer expertise and information to further improve health & wellness.

There are two ways to get the CrossFit York Experience:



1. Participant: Compete in the CrossFit WOD and attend/participate in the hands-on clinics ($40)

2. Spectator: Watch the CrossFit WOD and attend/participate in the hands-on clinics ($20)

Registration & WOD details for this event TBA.