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The Heart of CFY

This week’s programming is up!

Today’s post is about perseverance, attitude, hard work, and heart. If ANYONE EVER asks you whether CrossFit is infinitely scalable, is appropriate for all athletes, and will return you some awesome results, tell them to talk to Joshua Parish.

This dude, you guys. <3

He cheers everyone else on. He works his ass off. He PRs his lifts. He pushes his limits. And he is ALWAYS smiling. Like, always. You need a pick-me-up? Talk to this guy for 10 minutes; he’ll have a story that lifts your spirits, or makes you laugh, or gives you a positive outlook on life.

Josh is one of the many hearts of CrossFit York. GO JOSH!

Battle Royale 2017!!

Your programming for this week!Prog

Congrats to all our competitors (and thanks to all the supporters!!) who participated in the Battle Royale this weekend! This was one of the biggest showing of CFY athletes to any event in the gym’s history!

We’re also super proud of the team Rocket Power, with Coach Charlie and Taylor, who took 4th place in the team Rx division. They finished the day out in a final WOD (after doing amazing work in the first FOUR workouts) that included thrusters, sandbag sprints, and bar muscle ups. *ouch*

CrossFit York Represents at Battle Royale!

Scheduling Note: There will be NO 830am WL SESSION this Sunday, July 23.

Looking for something to do this Sunday? Why not head up to the Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg to cheer on one of the FIVE TEAMS with CFY athletes competing at the Battle Royale?!

Courtney Mortorff, David Weissman, Matt Hubbard, and Ashley Regan
Squats R 4 Suckers

Charlier Werner, Taylor Rohrbaugh, Sean Zacot, and Casey Rohrbaugh
Rocket Power

Steven Kearns, Melony Kearns, Chelsea Romeo, and Brandon Romeo
The KRomeos

Madeline Mirasol, Rusty Mirasol, Angie March, and Scott Forry
Masters Division

Andrew Riedy, Sarah Zarilla, Megan Jones
Doods and Boobs

If you’ve never been to a CF competition, or you’re thinking about possibly competing for fun in the future, consider coming out to cheer on your fellow CFYers.

Details at
And our weekly program is UP!

Meet “Scrapper”

This past Sunday, the CrossFit York community met Matt Hanes, or “Scrapper” as his friends knew him. He was shot in Afghanistan in 2012, and ultimately died as a result of his injuries.

Matt was good friends with Cody Santiago, and Cody wanted to honor his memory with with a hero WOD. So Sunday’s workout is now in the books as Scrapper:

5 Clean and Jerks (155/115)
10 Muscle Ups
20 Alternating Pistols

Thanks, Cody, for sharing your hero with us.

This week’s programming.

Independence, Freedom

Don’t take them for granted.

One HERO WOD on Tuesday at 10:00am. The gym will be closed for the remainder of the sessions.

Programming for the truncated week.