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Another Youth National Champ!

Milan and Makenna Check out the Platform!

Milan and Makenna Check out the Platform! I’m writing this from our Atlanta hotel room, still reeling a little from the excitement of the weekend. This year we took both of the Mack sisters to USAW Youth Nationals, and both did amazingly well. Makenna, who is 12, competed in the very tough U13 58+ session this year, and finished 11th — but she won in our book, increasing her total by 20 kilos from last year, and PRing her snatch (45 kilos!!). This was Milan’s first National meet, and she was the youngest in her session. As a 10 year old, she won the U11 58+ with the best clean and jerk and best total, and she got second in the snatch (even though she PRed her snatch by a kilo as well). She also increased her total by 17 kilos from last year.

We are super super proud of our girls!

We’ll be testing a MWF 7am session this summer. You’ll see it on the ZenPlanner schedule — please continue to reserve your spots so we can plan coaches accordingly.

Programming for this week is up!

Happy Father’s Day!

To all of our wonderful babies’ daddies out there, remember the most important thing about parenting:

***being able to run faster than your kids so that you can catch them when they run from you.***

This week’s skill will be POSE running, which is the method preferred by CrossFit since it is the most effective, efficient way to move your body forward — it uses GRAVITY and BODY POSITION rather than muscular effort to motor your body. I’ll be honest, it’s a little bit harder when you’re pushing a jogging stroller, but better positioning will improve your speed and reduce the common running annoyances, like shin splints, random knee discomfort, and IT band pain.

Check out this week’s program!