Month: May 2017

Summer is almost here!


I know the weather the past few days has indicated otherwise, but remember that as the days warm up, you guys need to make sure you’re drinking enough water BEFORE you come into the gym. Hydration doesn’t just mean keeping a bottle of water close as an excuse for a break during the WOD. Hot […]

Memorial Day Weekend Hero Hopper


It is a CrossFit York tradition to remember not just one but three heroes over Memorial Day weekend. On Saturday at 10am and Sunday at 10am, we gather at the board to pull a hero from the hopper. We spend a moment reflecting on who that hero was, honoring their memory and offering a moment […]

New Faces and Dylan’s Programming Premier (It’s Good Stuff!)


Some New Faces? Some of you may have noticed a large influx of new women visiting the gym. That’s because we’re running a 6-week program for women who are interested in learning what CrossFit is all about! These women will be training with us during a separate sessions, but will absolutely be doing the same […]

More Success Stories: Dave App


This week’s programming! More stories from our Lifestyle Challenge Success File! Dave reports: “In January 2017, I weighed 194.5. On April 7, I weighed 180.0 (my scale at school goes by half pounds). The biggest thing with the weight loss wasn’t necessarily the weight loss itself, but the fact I lost it mostly from my stomach fat. […]

Another Awesome Success Story


Download this week’s program! This week’s success story is Reed’s. Reed was a challenger who made that program WORK, dialing in his fuel for performance and using the incentives to work on his goals. Weight: lost 17 pounds PR’s: 12 consecutive strict HSPU 9 consecutive (single kip) T2B 5 consecutive C2B pull-ups Cindy: 23+3 He […]