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Success Story: Carolyn Obermeier

Programming for this week.

Sometimes, the universe makes things easy on us. This week’s success story is about Carolyn, who — we have noted before — brings an extraordinary heart to our gym. By virtue of her busy life as a teacher and track coach, we get to see her during a variety of sessions: she’s sometimes a 4:30 regular; sometimes she’s a 6:00am regular; and she can, most Sundays, be found working on her lifts.

The reason I say the universe makes things easy on us isn’t about Carolyn having it easy. What I mean is that I chose her to be our success story last week, and then AFTER I picked her, she went and won second place at the Festivus Games in Lancaster. So I have an awesome photo of her on the podium (thanks to the Facebook-er who posted it for us… please speak up and claim #photocred) as well as more evidence to show that her hard work in the gym and her fantastic positive attitude have earned her much accolades.

Carolyn was a Lifestyle Challenger who saw a range of benefits from dialing in her daily life:
“My clothes are much looser. I slept much better and my skin was better from drinking more water and less wine.  I was able to get through a shoulder injury with the support of my team and coaches. I graduated from green band to blue doing my pull-up work. I completed the OPEN successfully without a lot of carbs which was a big eye-opener for me. The challenge also made life more positive for me. I had a PR in OHS, bench, and snatch.”

Kudos to Carolyn! We are lucky to have her.

Winners for the 2017 Lifestyle Challenge Announced!

Download this week’s programming!

We’re proud to announce the winning team from our 2017 Lifestyle Challenge: PLS Bar None. Congratulations Kathleen, Brooke, and Richard! While they might have earned the most points, we  ALL finished the challenge as winners.

Kathleen offers us her challenge re-cap: “As far as PRs, I know my bench press 1RM has improved from 120# (I’ve had that number for about 4 years!) to 135# in February. I achieved T2B and a sub 4:45 1K row (4:18) on our testing day. Before the challenge, I was pre-diabetic/diabetic. My blood sugar was consistently 120-140 and 120 is considered diabetic. As of 2 weeks ago, my blood sugar has been on the lower side of the healthy range. It was 96 at the end of March. Ever since I started the challenge I haven’t needed to take my acid reflux medicine. Lately I’ve been “shopping ” in the part of my closet that is 20 years old. I’ve lost 21 pounds and feel pretty good!”

Brooke says, “I am officially addicted to meal preparation on Sundays and 7 hours of sleep. Those will stick with me for life. Instead of skipping meals because of poor planning, I had delicious lunches to look forward to and dinner I could eat before 9 pm, when I was most tired and most desperate. Also from a lifestyle perspective, stretching throughout the day has become routine for feeling good. As to foods, I believe I will be able to maintain a strict no processed, no alcohol, and no sweets rule during the week and plan to limit myself 1 cheat of each category each weekend moving forward. I have set my next 12 weeks to accomplish my snatch goal. During the challenge I: 1. Achieved 6 consecutive left leg pistols; 2. Achieved consistent Chest to Bar pull-ups; 3. Flipped the big tire that that the boys can flip; 4. Used a 93 lb stone in a carry (a first).”

Richard clearly was a strong teammate, checking in for weekly WODs and working hard to adjust his nutrition to fuel his workouts. Richard registered for the CrossFit Open and provided an amazing amount of support and encouragement to the whole community.

Next week I’ll recap everyone’s successes. For now, we’ll let our winners bask in their glory.




The Conclusion of CrossFit York 2017 Lifestyle Challenge

Here’s this week’s program!

In mid-January, 30 brave souls signed on to make significant changes to their lives. Since there are so many competing strategies for nutrition, we kept it simple: eat as much unprocessed, whole foods prepared in our own kitchens as possible. Challengers also focused on getting enough sleep, drinking enough water, and making weekly, sustained progress toward their fitness and skill goals in the gym.

We’re done! We’ve had an exceptional number of successes, and we’ll be showcasing them over the next weeks (so check back!!)

Aaron Anderson reports: “I dropped about 12 pounds, lost about 2″ off my waist, hit a both a 205 lb C& J PR and a 155 lb strict this week. I’m still working on muscle ups and handstand push-ups but making progress. Overall, I cut the volume of sugar and bread in [his] diet radically and has learned to enjoy healthier snacks.”

Fig Biscuits

In your food processor, combine:
1/2 C coconut flour
1 tsp salt
1 egg
1 tsp vanilla
1/4 C coconut oil
1/2 C unsweetened applesauce
Whirl until egg is beaten and crumbly dough is formed
Then add:
10-15 dates
20 dried figs (our local Giants sometimes carry them in the bulk aisle)
Whirl until the figs and dates are sufficiently chopped (you may leave them as chunky as you like, or you may whirl them long enough to pulverize them into oblivion)

Scoop out tablespoonsful and roll/flatten into cookie shapes (they will not spread in the oven)
Place on a cookie sheet covered with parchment paper
Bake at 350 for 13 minutes.

Philadelphia Hot Chocolate 15K Race Report

What, you’re just here for the programming?

Rusty, Madeline, Matt and Megan Jones.We talk a lot about functional fitness and the way CrossFit trains us to basically be better at our lives–we train to be our best selves. This past weekend, Megan, Matt, Rusty and I tested that theory; we ran a 15K with CrossFit as our only training.

Rusty managed a respectable sub-9 minute mile pace. Megan and Matt reported besting their time from last year’s race substantially. And I PRed my 15K time by 30 seconds.

A 30-second PR is not a huge deal, certainly. But it’s important to consider that record within the following context: My old PR for a 15K was set at the 2005 Boilermaker in Utica, NY. I was 29. Not even 30 — a mere babe. Also, I was a runner back then. As in, I actually ran. A lot. In 2005, I ran at least three marathons. My body was better conditioned for distance, and I was “training” for mileage 4-5 times a week.

And I still ran faster this time. 12 years older, without running a step to prepare.

CrossFit is pretty awesome, you guys.

Creamy Scrambled Eggs

Creamy Scrambled EggsI love eggs, but I get sick of eating them the same way all the time. So this morning, I was prepping this recipe for dinner and I had some of the ricotta/parmesan cheese + Italian herb + egg mixture leftover. I figured I might as well dump a couple more eggs in there, whisk it up and see if it made some decent scrambled eggs. It truly did. My measurements are approximate here.



about 1/4 C of ricotta cheese
1-ish oz of shredded mozzarella cheese
1-ish oz of parmesan cheese
1-ish tsp of Italian seasoning
shake of garlic powder (to your liking)
salt and pepper (to your liking)
2 eggs

Whisk it up. It will seem very cheesy and I promise you that’s ok!
Scramble in a pan with some fat of your choice (I used a little bitty bit of bacon grease, but butter or some spray oil would do just fine). Ronin and I ate blueberries to get our macros covered. Ronin’s particular about getting some carbs in.