Month: February 2017

Intensity: Are You Going Hard Enough?


Download this week’s program. :) Steve Jones was a world-record marathoner in the late 80s and early 90s. In the running world, he’s famous for saying: If I am still standing at the end of the race, hit me with a board and knock me down, because that means I didn’t run hard enough. Now, he’s […]

It’s OPEN Season at CrossFit York


Download this week’s programming! Reebok CrossFit Games Open This week we enter Open season. In the lives of CrossFitters all over the globe, the Open represents the ultimate competition: one in which you can measure your fitness not only against those in your own box, but against those from around your county, your state, your region, and […]

We Are Health Practitioners


Download the program for Feb 13, 2017. On Saturday, CrossFit York hosted its first free Community WOD, where we opened our gym to anyone interested in coming to work out with us. As people poured into the front and back doors, Bailey and I could barely keep track of who had arrived. As we organized […]

FREE Community Workouts on Saturdays at CrossFit York


At CrossFit York we’re rededicating ourselves to sharing our love for fitness with the community. Our normal Saturday workouts from 10-11am will now be FREE and OPEN to the community. No membership required, no prior CrossFit experience required, ALL fitness levels are welcome and will be happily accommodated. If you are new-to-working out or a seasoned competitive […]

One Simple Secret to Success in the Gym


Some argue that programming is the key to success in the gym. The logic, and at face value it makes sense, is that if I simply do what Stacy Tovar is doing, then I’ll also be that much closer to her level of success. The reality of it, however, is that so long as the […]

Evolution Performance Programming 170206


170206 EVO_CFY Prog