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courtney hspuThe OG Hopper League is like a bowling league for CrossFitters, except it’s CrossFit so it’s actually fun and you get a workout.

Imagine a weekly WOD, where you work with a team of others who provide a small push for you to work extra hard. Imagine those teams are fairly equally matched, so that each week, depending on the WOD, all teams have the potential to, with a bit of strategy and a little redline effort, be winners.

Friday nights at 630pm – 8
Feb 5 – March 11 (6 weeks)

No skill or capacities are required… just the drive to compete, get better, test yourself, and have fun.
CrossFit York members $25
Non- CFY crossfitters: $45

Interested? Send your 1RM snatch and clean and jerk numbers to Madeline: You’ll be seeded and drafted onto a team! Have a friend you’d like to bring around to join in the fun? Non-members are WELCOME to participate!