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OG Hopper Team Registration

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It’s time to get your team together for CrossFit York’s O.G. Hopper League!

(Want to participate, but don’t have a team? Click over to our FREE AGENT REGISTRATION PAGE!)

We’re kickin’ it old school, back when you were a little scared of unknown WODs but found comfort training with friends.

Teams of 2 men and 2 women will workout once a week in true hopper-fashion; we’ll pull and post on Facebook the WOD at 8am on the day of the evening WOD.

League will run for 8 weeks on Thursday nights from 7:30pm-8:30pm throughout the summer, beginning June 25. The final league WOD will be held at Santander Stadium on Saturday, August 15.

Cost for each team: $350. Each team may register a roster of 3 men and 3 women for substitution purposes. All substitutes must be listed on the roster and only registered team members will be eligible to compete.

Standards for competition: at least one team member should be able to perform the following movements:

  • Chest to bar pullups
  • Handstand push-ups
  • Pistols
  • Double Unders

Capacities for Hopper WODs will not exceed the following loads*:

  • Clean & Jerk 155#/115#
  • Snatch 135#/75#
  • Thruster 115#/65#
  • Deadlift 285#/205#

* with the exception of max capacity style ladder WODs

Basic Expectations:

  • tons of fun with the opportunity to WOD with athletes from other local boxes
  • typical workout time approx 20 min.-40 min.
  • potential for more than 1 WOD / night
  • substitutions for the current day may be made up until the first WOD has started. The same 2 males & 2 females must participate for the duration of the evening.
  • scaling or modifying any movement is permissible; however, the score for that WOD may not be higher than a team performing at Rx’d


< 20 min: AMRAP, For Time (with cap)
<10 min: AMRAP, For Time (with cap)
capacity ladder


12 teams max
total work time for each team will be approx 20 min for each night.
Plan on two heats for non capacity ladder-style WODs.

Example nightly format:

  • 2 heats of AMRAP 20
  • 2 heats of capacity ladder (max rep at final weight tiebreaker) & 2 heats of AMRAP 10
  • 2 heats of AMRAP 10 + 2 heats of AMRAP 10

[Capacity Ladders can include any barbell movement and stones.]
example: Clean & Jerk- progress through the barbells (10-20# increments)

Free Agent Registration

kool aidInterested in getting in on the Thursday night fun this summer, but don’t have the time to put a team together? Sign up as a free agent! We have a pool of athletes who are looking for other team members… it’s just a matter of a little coordination — and we’re happy to do that work for you.

And remember: registration gets you 7 weeks of awesomely fun team hopper workouts, as well as the multi-event final at Santander field in August!

You don’t have to be a beast to come out and have a fun team workout! Remember that capacities for Hopper WODs will not exceed the following loads:

  • Clean & Jerk 155#/115#
  • Snatch 135#/75#
  • Thruster 115#/65#
  • Deadlift 285#/205#

Also, ONLY ONE team member needs to be able to perform the following movements: Chest-to-bar pull-ups, HSPU, pistols, and DUs. So we’ll make sure every team is properly equipped!

Three-month Summer Kick-off

Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 6.04.53 PMLooking to jumpstart your fitness this summer? Sign up for our three-month summer kick-off package! For $195, you get a 90 consecutive day membership (beginning on your first date of attendance) to include all introductory (Reset) sessions and unlimited CrossFit and lifting sessions.

Must purchase the package by June 30, 2015 to be eligible; must begin 90-day membership by July 30. Summer membership package is non-refundable. This package is only available to first-time members; renewing and prior members are not eligible.

To purchase, please use the form and secure PayPal button below, and then click on a green Reset class on our Schedule Page to reserve your spot! It’s that easy to Reset your health and fitness this summer with CrossFit York.

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