This Week’s Open Athlete: Kelly Bolt! 14.4

kellysnatch With each Open announcement, there is glee and groans… Glee for those movements we like or do well; groans for movements that are punishing (though they are all, really) or are challenging… and groans for movements that some of us still have not mastered.

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 2.47.39 PM

Enter Kelly. She posted this status update to Facebook the morning before she came into the box to complete the WOD, and there clearly was a bit of prescience there. It turns out, last Saturday WAS her day. As her judge and her husband, Jeremy, stood next to the rig and offered encouragement and strategies, she managed to kick the crap out of that bar 4 times (and nearly hit it on a dozen other occasions). Her perseverance deserves to be commended — but her spirit and enthusiasm are really what make her this week’s Open Athlete. While she can be counted on to always have a smile on her face, Kelly’s smile this week was in the face of a significant challenge — a challenge that she conquered. And you can bet that her smile helped carry her toes right up to that bar.


This Week’s Open Athlete: Angie Warnke! 14.3

Who was excited for deadlifts and box jumps! Well, some of us welcomed the movements as ones we all can, with relative ease and skill, perform. Yet an overwhelming number of us groaned at the prospect of walking around for week, post 14.3, with a therma-care patch on our lower backs. And those of us judging just prayed that none of us would have to watch someone deadlift like Stacie Tovar did.



Angie’s earned this week’s Open Athlete in part because she did all her deadlifts with the most beautiful, flattest back any coach could hope to witness. With each lift, even as it became heavy, she re-set her organized brace and drove into the ground using her hamstrings and glutes. Additionally, her box jumps were steady and powerful. Really, if you know Angie you know she’s a hard working athlete. Her performance this week simply reflects that.





2014 Karen for Balls

redwallballCome help CrossFit York kick cancer in the balls!


Our second annual “Karen for Balls” competition serves as a fundraiser for testicular cancer awareness, prevention, and research. This year’s event emphasizes the importance of community and teamwork in the fight against cancer.

Event details:


Teams of 3: any mix of co-ed members, as well as all-men and all-women teams are welcome. So find two friends to make a team!



Workout is: 500 Wall ball shots for time. No minimum height; however, the ball MAY NOT touch the ground (there will be a penalty), and the same team member cannot catch his/her own throw.


Women’s teams will use a #14 ball.


Men’s teams will use a #20 ball.


Co-ed teams with 2 men will use a #20 ball.


Co-ed teams with 2 women will use a #14 ball.


Prizes include: fastest time, best dressed (get creative), best team name, and others.


Cost: $75 per team
To register: Visit our Eventbrite page or download the registration form and bring it into the box. Register by April 14 to make sure you get a t-shirt in your size!!



This Week’s Open Athletes: The Fullams! 14.2

joefullampushpressThe coaches couldn’t pick just one athlete to represent the spirit of 14.2… this week we had three athletes that knocked our socks off. And coincidentally, they all come from the same family. Clearly, the Fullam family has positivity and motivation in their genes.



Joe Fullam legitimately rocked this workout. From his unbroken overhead squats (which he has worked extraordinarily hard to overcome flexibility issues in order to improve) to his unconventional chin-up grip on the chest-to-bar pull-ups, Joe managed to post a respectable score that rivaled younger athletes’.tonywarmsup2



Tyler, who is officially our youngest open competitor, came into the box early on Sunday morning — a feat in and of itself for this 17-year-old — to complete 14.2. As an avid lifter who participates regularly in the EVO classes, Tyler’s work on the Olympic lifts has clearly paid off.



jackiesetupAnd then there’s Jackie. Jackie did 14.2 on Saturday morning with the masses, her first score just falling short of one full round. Dissatisfied with her performance, Jackie came back the next day to nearly DOUBLE her first score. Talk about a come back!



So when you see a Fullam in the box, it doesn’t matter which, give him or her a high five. They’re full of Fullam awesomeness.

AED/CPR/First Aid Certification

Screen Shot 2014-03-02 at 7.23.56 PM


On Sunday, March 16, at 830am CrossFit York is hosting a AED/CPR and First Aid certification class. This class is open to all CrossFit York members as well as any family, friends, or community members who are interested in attending.


Cost of the class is $60. The class should run about 5 hours or so. If you are interested in attending, please RSVP to Amy ( before March 14.

This Week’s Open Athlete: Ernie Seigle 14.1

ERNIE14.1For some, the announcement of the 14.1 Open Workout brought a small heartbreak: double unders prove to be extraordinarily difficult — and seemingly impossible — for many athletes.


However, for Ernie,  a new crossfitter still struggling to make the rope twice around, this presented a challenge. Instead of being discouraged, he took 14.1 as an opportunity to overcome this particular goat, and managed to finish two full rounds and get into his third round.


Ernie is proof that anyone can participate in the CrossFit Open. Anyone, that is, who has a positive attitude and who is unafraid to meet a challenge head on. Photo credit: Richard Veytsman Photography