Athlete Profile: Michal Tyson

michalstrongman2How long have you been Crossfitting?
I’m closing in on 10 months now.

What is your sports history?
Swimming mostly. I started when I was little and continued through high school. I swam in school, community, and club teams. I also did Track & Field in high school where I was a thrower (discus, javelin, and shot put). And over the years I have dabbled in different things: soccer (when I was a kid), cross country (until a knee injury side-lined me), and boxing (more recently).
How have your surprised or delighted yourself with Crossfit?
I am very excited by my progress I have made since I joined last April.  About a year before then, when I started boxing, I lost 45 pounds through several months of hard work and eating less. Around the end of the year, I got bored with the same old routines and stopped working out and slipped back into my old eating habits. By April when I started Crossfit, I had gained back a lot of the weight I had lost and I was just in general fed up with myself. I knew something needed to shake up my life–permanently. I had been listening to my sister for the last year lecture me on the advantages of eating Paleo and how awesome Crossfit was, so I decided I had nothing to lose–and that’s when I joined Crossfit York. Since then, I have slimmed down, gotten stronger, gained back my confidence, no longer have issues with my knees, and in general just feel healthier. I am extremely happy with where I am physically and psychologically from 10 months ago.
What sorts of goals have you set for yourself this year?
Ah! The hardest part about writing goals is picking just a few things when there is sooo much you want to get better at! But here are the goals I picked for 2014.
3 months:
-10 ring dips (I currently have 5, but I figured a little extra work in this area couldn’t hurt…when you are already fatigued, ring dips become extremely difficult. Plus it will help me achieve the elusive muscle-up!)

-30 consecutive double-unders (they have been my nemesis since I started Crossfit…I can do them, but not consistently. Now is the time to finally conquer them!)
6 months:
-Handstand push-up (let’s face it–handstand push-ups are bad ass. Who doesn’t want to be able to do them??)
12 months:
-Muscle-up (A little scary, but totally do-able!)
-173# stone-to-shoulder (I’m determined to write my name on that stone!)

What would your favorite WOD look like?
Anything involving overhead lifts, sumo deadlift high-pulls, kettlebells, strongman stuff, burpee pull-ups (I’m going to regret that one). Just no running please!
Talk a little about your foray into strongman competing. How has Crossfit York prepared you, etc?
Specifically, Tony and everyone else who helped me get ready were invaluable. They took the time to help me prepare and it really paid off. But in a more general sense, Crossfit put me in overall better shape than a lot of the other competitors there.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect when I first heard about it, but it seemed like something that would be right up my alley, so I figured I would give it a shot. And I’m glad I did. I did well in both competitions, but mostly I learned a lot and I had fun. It was a great time.

Describe Crossfit York with one word.
The methodology behind Crossfit is undeniably awesome, but the community is what makes it all possible, and we have an exceptionally great group of people at Crossfit York.


What prompted you to earn your Level 1?
That’s easy. Crossfit has changed my life–I’m not the same person I was a year ago. I’m leaner, faster, stronger and happier. I want to help other people experience the same.

CrossFit York Partners with the CerebRun

cerebrun-site-headerCrossFit York is proud to announce its partnership with CerebRun, a locally-hosted challenge of mental and physical abilities. A CerebRun Challenge is designed to unleash you from your stationery life.  No more sitting at a desk or slouching behind the wheel of a car.  A CerebRun Challenge will involve running, climbing, crawling, shouting, swimming, and most importantly, thinking.  But as much fun as sludging through this puzzle-bloated, mental mud run sounds, it is important that it is done safely.  Remember, this is a PHYSICAL CHALLENGE.  Adequate preparation and training are key components to ensure that CerebRunners achieve a great finish and continued success. The next CerebRun Challenge is scheduled for May 10, 2014, in Delta. More details will follow!