Month: January 2014

Athlete Profile: Michal Tyson


How long have you been Crossfitting? I’m closing in on 10 months now. What is your sports history? Swimming mostly. I started when I was little and continued through high school. I swam in school, community, and club teams. I also did Track & Field in high school where I was a thrower (discus, javelin, […]

CrossFit York Partners with the CerebRun


CrossFit York is proud to announce its partnership with CerebRun, a locally-hosted challenge of mental and physical abilities. A CerebRun Challenge is designed to unleash you from your stationery life.  No more sitting at a desk or slouching behind the wheel of a car.  A CerebRun Challenge will involve running, climbing, crawling, shouting, swimming, and […]