Athlete Profile: Robin Ciccarelli

robinsnatch1How long have you been a member of CrossFit York? About 2 months.

What brought you in? I had seen the CrossFit Games on Erobinsnatch2SPN and was intrigued, so I looked online for CrossFit here in York and started snooping around the website. At the time, my class schedule prevented me from being able to attend any of the sessions. So I had to wait for the semester to end before I came in. Next semester I’ll be sure to schedule my classes around my CFY sessions.

What are you studying? I’m working on my Bachelor’s in psychology right now. I’d like to eventually get a Doctoral degree in clinical psychology.

What are your goals? EVERYTHING! Pull ups, then muscle ups (doesn’t everyone want a muscle up?)

You’re already quite athletic; what’s your sports background? I played basketball and softball as a kid, and I’ve always been a runner. My favorite race distance is the half marathon because it’s like a huge party. Everyone at the start is supportive and happy–it’s festive and exciting. Come to think of it, CrossFit York always has this same energy. It’s like race day here, every day. Support, smiles, amazing effort. I love it.

What changes have you experienced since you started coming to CFY? Well, I’m stronger, of course. But I’m also stronger in other ways…not just physically. I carry myself differently now; I walk like a badass, but like a positive, good badass. I’m a really happy badass.

What would you offer someone who is uncertain about trying CrossFit? I would say that sometimes we have to do things afraid. Not just do things we are afraid of, but do them while we’re still afraid. CrossFit is an amazing opportunity to learn how to process fear. And the ability to process fear transfers to other components of your life. Like I know these last two semesters of my Bachelor’s degree are going to be awesome because I’m not afraid to fail. Not anymore. Also, I feel like CrossFit York is very much about positive psychology. What goes on here in the box is a daily example of what “goes right” in life.