Athlete Profile: Steve Kearns

stevekearnshammer1. How long have you been coming to CrossFit York? I started with CrossFit York back in early March (2013), so I’m right at that 3 month mark!

2. Describe your athletic background. What sorts of sports or other activities do you compete or participate in? I played hockey, golfed and did martial arts growing up, so I’ve always been pretty active. After college I really turned into a one-sport athlete and put my entire focus into my martial arts training (Tang Soo Do… I study and teach at UTA Karate in Manchester). In that time, I’ve put a big focus on competing at a few select regional, national, or international events each year. That’s what actually brought me to CrossFit York. I was looking for something that could help me improve my strength and conditioning so that I could keep pushing myself further and further.

3. Talk a little about how your CrossFit WODs affect your daily life. They’ve really become a pretty big part of my daily routine. There’s something about being able to go in and just focus on working hard that helps melt away the stress of the day.  I know that after a long day (or any day at that!) I have that outlet. I also can’t deny the results of what we do; I’ve seen some huge changes in myself since I began and it’s amazing knowing that this is really just the beginning for me.

4. What’s your favorite movement? Why? What’s with all of these tough questions? I really enjoy box jumps and clean & jerks!  Really anything that is an explosive movement. I love being able to just power through something that just a few weeks ago, I never would have thought possible.

5. What movements still challenge you? Where to start? There are so many movements that still really challenge me at this point. If I had to narrow it down, though, I’d probably go with the muscle up and snatch as two things that really give me fits. I’m working on them though!

6. What goals have you set for yourself since you’ve been with us? Well, obviously I want to continue to get the movements down and work on increasing my comfort with the lifts. From day one  I’ve continually made it my goal to always be better than I was yesterday. I like to tell my students to always shoot to do everything 1% better than last time…just 1%, it doesn’t have to be this awe-inspiring “ah ha” moment, but the only way to get to that point is constant growth. That’s something that I have always prescribed to. Besides that, I’m really looking forward to doing my first CrossFit competition! There’s nothing like competing to light that fire under your ass and get you to push even harder in training!!

7. What’s your favorite thing about CrossFit York? The people. Plain and simple. Sure, you get an amazing workout… but it’s the people who are there doing it with you that keep you going during those tough WODs and coming back for more!