Athlete Profile: Jheysyn Brown

How long have you been coming to CrossFit York? I am 8 months in.

jheysyntopWhat’s your favorite movement? The deadlift. I love the deadlift. My PR (for double-overhand grip; not mixed) is 352#.

What do you still find challenging? Burpees. Box jumps. I don’t have the “wind” yet to do those movements quickly. Also, my left knee doesn’t like box jumps (yet).

Talk a little about your athletic history. Well, my left knee is trashed. After high school, I spent every weekend, pretty much 8 hours or more a day, playing street ball (basketball) in Baltimore. Eventually I tore my ACL, but I didn’t fix it right away. When I finally did have the surgery to fix my knee, the surgeons had planned to work arthroscopically, using the small camera to make the repairs. However, once they got the cameras in there, they realized it was completely ruined. The surgeons had to cut me wide open to repair not only the ACL but also the MCL and to fully rebuild the kneecap.

What brought you initially to CrossFit York? Well, I had gained weight after my knee surgery, and that extra weight was actually creating additional discomfort on my left knee joint. So I came primarily to find a way to lose weight so that my knee would be able to comfortably support my body weight.

Ah. This explains your “funky squat.” Yes, my left knee is still extraordinarily weak compared to my right, which makes a pretty substantial difference in strength. My right knee and leg are far stronger than my left. In fact, my left leg still looks pretty emaciated compared to my right… just from underuse.

jheysynbottomSo, what would you say to jheysynmidsomeone who might still wonder if they are “good enough” for CrossFit? Just get in. It’s gonna suck the first week. It will probably suck the second week. But by the third week, you’ll be dreaming about it. One day my wife (editor’s note: Jheysyn’s wife is the lovey Lisa, also part of our wonderful CFY family) and I were sitting in the parking lot of a grocery store, getting ready to go in. I had been unconsciously practicing the “pop” of opening my hips as I sat in the car. She was like, “What the heck are you doing?” CrossFit becomes part of you whether you like it or not, it becomes part of who you are — when you are thinking about it and even when you’re NOT thinking about it.

Who are your current recruits? Well, Lisa, my wife, of course. Also my younger brother now works out at CrossFit South Baltimore. He was inspired by the pictures I’d posted of my own progress.